Pricing Policy

Starlite Pricing Policy

Starlite works with a dynamic pricing policy, which is very common in show tickets, flights and hotel rooms in many countries.

Starlite’s concert tickets go on sale at a special launch price and with a big discount. The ticket sales platform reduces the discounts as the full capacity of each zone is reached, which means that ticket prices vary.

Ticket prices of each concert are established basing on the artists’ fees, so a higher fee means higher prices for show tickets. The fees of the artists, as well as the production costs, are practically the same for events with large capacities than for shows with a smaller capacity, like Starlite Festival, which has a direct impact on the price. Starlite adjusts the prices of its tickets to the maximum, taking into account all the associated costs mentioned above.

The Starlite experience is very different from other offers. A concert with 60,000 seats is not comparable to one with 3,000 locations as those held in our venue, being this is our main value and the fact that makes it possible to live a unique experience standing closer to the stars as never before.