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August 21
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door opening: 20:00h
Concert: 22:00h


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*People under the age of 18 shall leave the premises of Starlite Festival at the end of the concert.


After great performances at the festival in 2018 and 2021, Miguel Ríos returns to Starlite Occident on Monday, August 21, 2023 to celebrate the album that changed history 40 years ago with the most important rock show in Spain.

In 1982, Miguel Ríos summoned “the allies of the night” to take the stage and give live life to one of the vital albums in the history of Spanish rock, ROCK&RÍOS, to which we must always return. Nearly a million copies sold of that double LP attest to the importance of an adventure that seemed impossible.

Countless hits during decades of career such as “Bienvenidos”, “El rock de la cárcel”, “El río”, “El himno a la alegría” or “Santa Lucía” are just a few examples of an impeccable world-renowned career. Now, Miguel Ríos returns to the road to share that spirit in a show that celebrates the 40th anniversary of Rock&Ríos, ready to continue writing new pages in the great book of the history of rock in Spanish thanks to timeless songs that have become a reference of all these years. And he does it to relive emotions with the closeness, the power, the vitality, the delivery and the arrope of a great rock ‘n’ roll band.

“Music has many registers and some of them do not have, sometimes, the recognition they should have as a musical fact and as a social reality. I am referring to rock. With Miguel Ríos, Spanish rock reached its true category as a musical art and its fullest expansion of a new social reality, without which it is impossible to understand our most recent history”. Words he received when he was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in 1993. Without rock, it is impossible to understand our most recent history. And without Miguel Ríos, it is impossible to understand our rock.

Monday, August 21st will be a very special night to enjoy the rock of Miguel Ríos, at Starlite Occident.


Date: August 21