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Starlite is much more than a festival. It has been defined in many different ways: “the Formula 1 of leisure”, “the European social gathering reference” … We think it is an experience that will always remain engraved in the memory of those who live it.

At Starlite something different happens every night: Concerts with first-rate artists like you’ve never experienced before, fashion shows, cinema premieres at Europe’s largest screen and art expositions. The space design is reinvented and redesigned for each edition and the gastronomic offers are a tribute to the palate.

It is a place in which throughout 30 days the best international artists, businessmen, celebrities, and people from many different nationalities gather to discover something new.

The concerts of international stars take place in a unique space, an open-air natural quarry in the form of an amphitheatre with an extraordinary acoustic and a reduced capacity, to provide the possibility to see the artists from any location.

Starlite offers a complete parallel programming that takes place in the Lounge area and encompasses fashion, cinema, art and gastronomy.

We invite you to click here to make a virtual tour and get to know the space, and here to have a look at the programming that has been announced up to date.

Starlite Marbella takes place at a quarry, (the Nagüeles Quarry), an open space surrounded by nature, which is located at the high part of the Sierra Blanca Urbanization, in the Istan highway. It is 3.5km from the centre of Marbella (8 minute car ride) and 15 minutes from Puerto Banus.

Starlite Marbella will celebrate its sixth edition in July 2017, and this same year will celebrate its second edition in Mexico.

AUDITORY: there is a programming of 27 concerts of national and international artists. Check it here.

STARLITE SESSIONS: A new concert cycle which will take place at the Sessions stage, with a reduced capacity. Check it here.

GOLDEN SESSIONS: Every Monday performances of the best international electronic DJs take place at the Sessions stage. Check it here

DJ SESSIONS: Every day the best performances of the best first-level national DJs at the Sessions stage. Check it here.

STARLITE LOUNGE: It has a parallel and previous programming to the auditorium concerts.

Inside the premises, you can find free programs with all the information of the festival.

A Starlite stand can be found at the entrance of the premises, where you will find all the information you may need. You can also send an email to info@starlitemarbella.com

The Starlite concerts are a unique experience, fundamentally because of:

The Location: It takes place in a quarry surrounded by vegetation, with 60-meter-high iluminated rock walls; an open-air space under the stars.

The Acoustic: The quarry has the shape of an amphitheatre, which allows an extraordinary acoustic (As quoted by Placido Domingo and Julio Iglesias “one of the best acoustics they have ever found”)

The capacity: As it has a reduced capacity (2.400 locations), the spectator has the opportunity to see the artists which normally perform at large capacity locations of about 20.000 to 50.000 people. This not only allows a closer feeling with the artist, but permits the artist to see the spectator and interaction between them take place.

At Starlite the furthest point from the artist is 39 meters away, and the closest is only 2 meters.

The stars: Starlite is defined by its closeness with the stars, which are not only on the stage, but also among the public, enjoying a concert, having a drink or dancing.

If you have an entrance for the concert that takes place that day, the access to Starlite is free. Otherwise, the price to access the Session area will vary depending on the show.

The entrance to the auditory and session area to assist a concert is attached to the price of each concert.

Yes, with an entrance to a concert you can access the lounge area.

Yes. At the door, you will be given a stamp if you need to exit and re-enter the premises. Regarding the auditory concerts, with the entrance you can go out into the lounge area and enter the auditory again.

Access to concerts with photo or filming cámaras is not allowed. It is allowed however the use of mobile phones.

Yes. Starlite is an open-air festival and allows smoking in all its areas, except the bathrooms. There are also tobacco vending machines inside the premises.

There are no ATMs, but you can pay with credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Starlite counts with the medical assistance of Cruz Roja. You can click on the map and locate them

Starlite has an information and pick-up point for lost property inside the premises. All lost property is turned in and given out there. For any lost-property related enquiry, you can contact our team at: rrpp@avory.net or telephone number: 674847938.

Starlite has an open Wi-Fi connexion on some days.

There are no telephone charging points.

Starlite is not charitable, it is an entrepreneurial project. Anyhow, Starlite Foundation is a non-profit organisation created by Starlite, which is dedicated to the managing of the of resources of Starlite’s social work. Apart from other activities which Starlite carries out throughout the year, Starlite Foundation executes a night dedicated to philanthropy on a yearly basis and inside the festival’s time-period: the Starlite Gala, in which Antonio Banderas is the host. Starlite Gala has become Spain’s most important charity gala. 100% of what is collected along the night is distributed throughout the Starlite Foundation among different foundations such as: Niños en Algeria, Lagrimas y Favores, Cudeca, Cáritas,  Corinto, etc.

Yes, until 00:00h. The under-age can access the premises and all the events which take place, including concerts (if they are more than 3 years old), always escorted by adults, until midnight, when they will have to leave the festival.

Yes. Access to Starlite is adapted and there are enabled areas close to the stage at the auditory. For people with special necessities and the people with them, please send us un email with all the information to: info@starlitemarbella.com.

Starlite will post all the novelties about its 2017 edition in its webpage, on social media (FacebookTwitterGoogle+YoutubeInstagram y Pinterest) and through its newsletter to all our registered users at the official Starlite Marbella webpage.

Resister online and you will receive a weekly newsletter with the latest news. You can also be up to date of what happens in Starlite through the information published by media.

If you want to make a claim or complain, you will find the corresponding formularies at the Starlite box-offices. You can also make it through mail at: rrpp@avory.net.